The Noor Collective is an up and coming community of Shia members of all ages focused on providing quality and informative english programming for all. Established in 2015, Noor Collective has consistently kept it’s programming constant and has provided an outlet for those who are interested in learning more about Islam. But we must do more.

The pressures of living in an environment that is at times at odds with our religion and way of live means we must be vigilant in order to keep ourselves and our children on the straight path. In order to continue strengthening out faith while deepening out knowledge, we need to keep continue innovating our english programming so that our youth and adults alike will feel the need to participate in programs at our local masjids and community centers. We can only meet this goal if everybody commits to supporting our community both financially and by participating in our weekly programs.

Please support us in our mission to empower more of our Shia youth and community alike to embrace, and feel at ease with being one with their faith by donating to The Noor Collective.

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