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The Death of the Prophet: What Really Happened?

When we look at the life of the Prophet, we see that he was able to change the course of human history in a very short period of time. Join us this week, as we go into what happened during the last few weeks of his life and how those events changed the destiny of […]

Ambition: Finding Balance In An Unbalanced World!

Our Noor Collective weekly programming is back Alhamdullillah. Join us this week as we explore the concept of ambition through the lens of the Ahlul Bayt (a). What was the correct perspective which those closest to God had when it came to living an ambitious life. Why is it so difficult for us to find […]

Ghadeer – The Eid of Love and Loyalty

This week, we will be discussing the Event of Ghadeer and how it affected the course of Muslim history. How was it that in spite of the clear instructions of the Prophet (s), so many people refused to stand up for the rights of Imam Ali? Do any of these factors exist in our communities […]

Never Heard Of Us?

Come out, experience, and learn about Islam. We hope to see you soon!!